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Car Covers for Classic Cars – Why You Need Them

Why have to you get a vehicle cover in your traditional automobile? I get asked this query all the time and to tell you the reality it confuses me. People that have conventional vehicles should always have a cover. Most of the time I get this query it is from people that don’t see the fee of spending money. That doesn’t make experience at all to me as your car is an high-priced investment that I could suppose you will need to keep blanketed. These are the identical people so one can spend plenty of cash on their car so it would not make feel. Protecting your car ought to be the best priority. Just due to the fact you preserve your vehicle within the garage is no a reason to not buy a cover. You can nevertheless get dents, scratches, and swirls from falling gadgets which are positive to damage the sleek outdoors end of your automobile. No one needs that to appear. It commonly happens the day before you are going to a automobile display.

A few specs that you need to keep in thoughts at the same time as buying a high-quality automobile cowl are as follows: A cover have to be immune to mold and mildew in order that they inhibit bacterial boom which can otherwise damage the car’s exteriors. Good covers can tolerate temperatures as much as 200 diploma Fahrenheit as they are usually crafted from polymer fabrics. Buy a cover from mentioned manufactures who assure performance in their covers in the maximum severe external situations. You can expect such covers to closing among 7-10 years.

Really exact covers sincerely prevent paint-detrimental moisture from getting trapped underneath them as they’re made of breathable and water-proof materials. A appropriate cover cowl will no longer blow away while the winds are blowing genuinely robust. A cover will ideally shield your automobile from the damage of falling gadgets as it’s miles composed of several layers of padding material to offer more safety. Quality automobile covers are constantly greater high-priced and you could grab some attractive offers on line at the same time as shopping for them. You have the choice of choosing from prepared made or custom-made vehicle covers which can be each excessive on great and shielding characteristic.

So if you take care of your car a bit extra then do now not hesitate from spending a few more greenbacks for a first-rate automobile cowl! A pleasant automobile cover will pass miles in supporting you shop on the ones large recurrent payments on frequent paint jobs than the reasonably-priced automobile covers.


The new Hilux 2019 arrives in Brazil. The state-of-the-art front design and even more stuffed equipment add to the essence of the series: ruggedness. Toyota Hilux has been a leader in its domestic market for the past three years, and is produced at the Zárate plant in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where it is manufactured in accordance with Toyota’s global quality, durability and reliability standards and standards. With the changes incorporated into the 2019 line, the Toyota pickup sets new direction in the quest to exceed the expectations of its customers.

50 years of history

One of the most famous names in the pick-up segment is also one of the most traditional in history. With half a century of life completed in 2018, Hilux reaches a new level of its cycle of existence and global performance. Trajectory marked, inclusively, by successive evolutions, molded by the transformations in an increasingly modern, dynamic and urbanized society.When he was born in March 1968, the Toyota pick-up was equipped with a 70-hp 1.5-liter engine. The chassis was separated by a front suspension of triangular springs, while the rear was rigid axle / spring. Its transmission was four-speed manual. It carried up to three passengers and cargo of up to 1,000 kilos.Four generations later, in 1988, Hilux reconciled the concept of mixed use, using three pillars: power, robustness and comfort.Exactly this fifth generation, launched in the late 1980s and lasting until 1997, was the protagonist of Toyota’s history in one of the most important segments in the national territory. The first Hilux units landed in the country in 1992, coming from Japan, a year marked by the opening to imported products in the domestic market. That same year, Toyota closed the period with about 400 units marketed.Hilux also participated in the process of economic and social development in Brazil and Latin America. Toyota’s average pick-up has gained, over the last 26 years, notoriety and even more relevance. So much so that in Brazil, for example, in a span of three years, it jumped from 400 units sold in 1992 to 920 in 1993, then to 1,279 in 1994, and reached 2,804 in 1995. For this potential, Toyota decided by regional production, starting in 1998 in Argentina.With the arrival of the eighth generation in 2015, Hilux has been increasing tradition and renown by overcoming continental barriers. According to specialist consultancy in the Focus2Move automotive sector in Latin America, the model has already reached the third place among the best selling vehicles in the region in the first seven months of 2018. From Argentina, the model is exported, besides Brazil, to another 21 destinations.

External design

Inspired by a global concept of renewal, the Hilux 2019 reaffirms the multi-purpose product proposition. Its main attribution, rooted in a DNA essentially endowed with robustness, has as a differential for the line 2019 new front design in SRX, SRV and SR versions.The model incorporates hexagonal grid design, traced by three solid horizontal bars outlined by a chrome finish. The alterations implied the remodeling of the front bumper, where fog lights were incorporated, equipment present since the SR version.

Resulting from the changes, the design became leaner and streamlined. They are now 5,315 mm long, 15 mm shorter than the 2018 model. At the time, 1,815 mm remain and the same 1,855 mm wide, as well as the inter-axle distance of 3,085 mm.The flagship of SRX will feature the 50th anniversary of the pick-up as a tribute to the traditional history of one of the most iconic pick-ups in the world. The external modifications are complemented by the introduction of new 18-inch wheels, which further enhances its robustness. Another new addition to the SRX 50th anniversary version, with an eye on customer usage and convenience, is the inclusion of the boat’s top.The SRV version adopts 18-inch wheels and chrome exterior door handles, features that boost the visual appearance of the pick-up.On the other hand, the models focused on the work maintain the external design of the line 2018. All these versions, nevertheless, received new items and internal changes. They are: Standard Power Pack – new denomination from the innovations implemented in the basic version -, Standard Narrow, Simple Cabin and Cabin Chassis. These configurations are mostly marketed by the Toyota Direct Sales channel.

Inner design and equipment

In the interior finish, the Hilux 2019 brings essential changes to the SRX version and positions the configuration as a reference.Among the main modifications is the dark tonality in order to contrast with the chrome details. The perforated leather seats and white dashboard highlight the sophisticated profile inside the cabin.The package and level of sophistication in the SRX are complemented by: perforated seats, black interior in Piano Black finish, internal electrochromic rear view mirror, LED daytime running light.In the SRV intermediate, the level of equipment makes the configuration even more competitive and robust by adding: lightweight spare tire, side and curtain airbags (totaling seven), Smart Entry and Push Start, electronic climb assist (DAC) only in the diesel versions, module for automatic ascent of the four glasses, daylight of driving and electrochromic rear view.The SR version, focused on the rural producer channel of the brand, also increased the equipment offering, by winning, as standard, digital air-conditioning and daytime driving light.Influenced by the voice of its customers, the line turned to work had its portfolio of items and equipment raised. Starting with the Standard Power Pack version, the following were included: daytime running lights, headlamps with follow me home function, plastic seat covers and waterproof mg cover, automatic door locking, pocketknife wrench, electric windows, electric rear view mirrors, AM / FM radio with CD player, Bluetooth and auxiliary USB input, audio commands on the steering wheel.Standard Narrow, Single Cabin and Chassis Cab versions maintain the vast level of equipment and gain daytime driving lights, headlights with follow me home function and plastic seat covers.

Motor and Transmission

The models of the Hilux 2019 line are equipped with diesel and flex engines. Diesel motor vehicles come equipped with Toyota D-4D 2.8 16V Turbo propeller of 177 horsepower at 3,400 rpm, all of them are all-wheel drive.The transmissions for diesel models are six-speed sequential automatic for the SRX, SRV and SR versions and six-ratio manual for the Standard Power Pack, Narrow Standard, Single Cabin and Chassis Cab versions.The flexfuel versions bring the Dual VVT-i Flex 2.7 16V DOHC engine, specially designed for the Brazilian market. The big differential is variable valve dual-control technology (Dual VVT-i), which operates in the management of the intake and exhaust systems of the combustion chamber, optimizing fuel combustion in an intelligent manner. The flex versions of the average pick-up feature 163 hp at 5,000 rpm when fueled with ethanol, and 159 hp, also at 5,000 rpm, with gasoline.There are three versions equipped with six-speed sequential automatic transmission: SRV 4×4 Double Cab, SRV 4×2 and SR 4×2. There is even option of SR 4×2 of five-speed manual transmission.


The extensive range of genuine accessories for the Toyota Hilux, comprised of more than 50 items, can already be installed on the 2019 line. They cater to the most diverse tastes and needs of customers seeking design, convenience and functionality, technology and safety.All genuine accessories are developed by Toyota’s global engineering and are exclusive to Hilux, according to the strict rules of the brand that guarantee Toyota’s high level of quality, durability and reliability.

Some accessories that can already be found and installed in the dealers of the brand are:

Design : Exhaust tip, sill, chrome plated door handle and chrome plated fog light.

Bucket opening wizard, coupling (750 kg), coupling whip, bucket extensor with ramp and canvas tarpaulin.Projector on the windshield and subwoofer.Safety nut for alloy wheel, bucket edge guard, chrome parking sensor and steppe safety lock.The Hilux 2019 line is available in the following colors: Solid White, Metallic Gray, Metallic Silver, Metallic Black and Metallic Red.


Toyota do Brasil announces, from today, April 3, the arrival of the line SW4 2019 throughout the national territory. The main breakthrough for the nation’s best-selling medium-utility portfolio is the introduction of the special SRX Diamond version, developed from the SRX top configuration, equipped with 4×4 traction, diesel powertrain and with capacity for seven occupants. The model has a higher level of equipment and exclusive details, delivering even more refinement and comfort to the owner of SW4, which does not give up the robustness, drivability, safety and off-road capability of a true SUV. Still from the line SW4 2019, the option SR flex of seven places is no longer commercialized.To the final public, the SW4 2019 family has five members, two flex options and three diesel options:

Flex : Five-way SR and mid-SRV seven-way input option, both with 4×2 traction and dual VVT-i Flex 2.7-liter DOHC engine, which generates 163 horsepower at 5,000 rpm when fueled with ethanol, and 159 hp , also at 5,000 turns, with gasoline. The maximum torque is 245 Nm (with alcohol and petrol), always at 4,000 rpm.

Diesel : top of the line SRX with five or seven seats and its derivative, the new SRX Diamond, also with capacity for seven occupants, all equipped with 4×4 traction and 1GD 2.8 liter engine and 16 valves, yielding 177 hp at 3,400 rpm, and 450 Nm, between 1,600 and 2,400 rpm.All versions feature six-speed sequential automatic transmission and electronic control (Super ECT), which can take advantage of the full potential of the engine through a wider range of relationships and better acceleration in first gear, as well as reducing fuel consumption on Friday, slowing down the engine. The system is able to tailor the performance of the vehicle to the driving style, terrain inclination and load level, while achieving performance and durability.Also completing the SW4 portfolio are two versions for Direct Sales: the SR 4×4 automatic diesel and the SR 4×2 five-speed mechanical flex, both with five seats.

SW4 SRX Diamond 2019

With all the items present in its base version, the SW4 SRX Diamond also features the black bumper protector, 18-inch alloy wheels with new design and Diamond logo on the back of the vehicle.The SRX Diamond is the only of the SW4 2019 lineup as standard with JBL sound system with 10 speakers and a subwoofer, raising the level of exclusivity to the occupants.In the interior, the seats, doors and panel have leather cover and synthetic material in beige, in addition to ventilation system in the front seats. The center console of the SW4 Diamond has been finished in beige and bronze, while the key is personalized in white and the rugs and sills feature the Diamond logo.The SW4 2019 line is available in Solid White (except SRX versions), Pearl White (for SRX versions only), Metallic Silver, Metallic Gray, Metallic Black and Metallic Brown. The SRX Diamond will only be offered in two colors: Pearl White and Brown Metallic.


The current generation of SW4, launched in Brazil in early 2016, received five stars in tests conducted by Latin NCAP for both adult passengers and children. All five- and seven-seater versions list a series of systems to give the driver and occupants complete peace of mind on any terrain.From the SR input configuration, two front airbags (driver and passenger) and one knee (driver) are offered. The other versions have two more curtain bags and two side airbags, also for the driver and front passenger.Complete the standard safety related items of the SW4 utility: ABS brakes with electronic distribution (EBD), Emergency Brake Assist (BAS), Electronic Traction Control (A-TRC), Electronic Stability Control (VSC), parking sensor (TSC) and Ascent (HAC), ISOFIX system for fixing a child seat in the rear seat, six safety straps, front and rear head restraints with height adjustment, three-point front seat belts with height adjustment, pre-tensioner and force limiter and three-point belts in the second row of seats (also included in the third row in the case of seven seats). The Descent Assistant (DAC) available in SRX versions only.

Equipment and standard items

All the SW4 line offers, from the SR version of five banks available to the final public, steering column with regulation of height and depth; integrated hot and cold air-conditioning; 7.0-inch touch screen Toyota Play multimedia system with integrated navigation system (GPS), integrated video entertainment system with digital TV and DVD player, radio with CD / MP3 player, rear camera, Bluetooth, connection USB and AUX and six speakers; steering wheel with integrated telephone, audio and video. Commands; onboard computer with door open warning, total and partial odometers and external temperature, plus selection of driving mode between Eco and Power.From the SRV intermediate, the package of items includes a 4.2-inch TFT screen with functions that reveal autonomy, average fuel consumption and instantaneous fuel consumption, distance to be covered with fuel in the tank, economy, economic mode indicator, steering time, average vehicle speed, browser and audio visualization.Complete the ultrasonic alarm list; automatic air-conditioning with digital display; driver’s seat with electric adjustment for distance, incline and height; leather seats; paddle shift; panel with wood details; Smart Entry System, which allows the doors to be unlocked with the simple push of a button on the door handle; Push Start button, making it easy to turn the vehicle on and off; chrome door handles and electric windows with a one-touch opening and closing system with anti-smash.The SRX diesel versions have all these equipment and more electric opening of the trunk with memory function to adjust the height of the lid; individual LED front reading light; electric adjustment for distance, inclination and height also for the front passenger; internal electrochromic rear view; external mirrors with electric regulation, direction indicators and welcome lighting; high and low headlamps with automatic leveling; front fog lights and daytime running lights, both LED.


Since launching its new generation in the country, SW4 has been leading the sales ranking among mid-sized SUVs. Last year, the model achieved more than 50% market share in this market share, with 12,943 units sold and 6% higher than the same period of the previous year. In the first two months of this year, the model retains the lead, with at least half of the sales of its entire segment.